Come Dive With Us

We are now actively looking for people who have an interest in joining our club for the 2022 Dive Season.

Dive Season 2023 Starts Soon

Are you interested in starting a new hobby? Want to get out more and keep fit? Intrigued by what the ocean has to offer.

Whether you have already diving for years or want to dip your toe in a new hobby, diving offers so much.

There are lots of ways you can let us know your interest

Based on interest we hope to run a Trainee Diver training course soon online for new members.

Note: Some element will depend on Covid restrictions

Explore a New World - Learn To Dive

Our approach to diving is to ensure that it is safe and fun

  • Learn the theoretical knowledge of how to dive safely

Practical learning

  • Develop the skills necessary to be successful at diving

  • Get familiar and comfortable with being underwater

  • Progressive from pool, shallow shore dive to your first boat dive

Grainne Uaile Sub Aqua Club - Over 40 Years of Diving

Our club is built upon the vast experience of our dedicated members.

  • We have several instructors of Moniteur* level or above;
    allowing us to provide training in-house. They have vast experience and ensure the active growth of our members and club.

  • You will learn the theoretical knowledge of diving, to dive safely

  • Practical sessions to get to know the dive equipment

  • Skills based exercises to get you conformable in the water

Dedicated Facilities

The advantages of diving with a club

  • Our own boats to access all our the dives sites the coastline

  • Local knowledge

  • In-house training facilities

  • Compressors to allow filling our air tanks

  • Less than 30mins from our Clubhouse to coastline.