The Search and Recovery Unit was formed in 1983 after members of the club were involved in a search in Lough Talt for two young children that were lost in the lake.

Since then, the SAR Unit has carried out search and recovery operations in Mayo, Sligo, Galway, Roscommon, Meath and Westmeath to mention just some of the counties we have being called to. On average there are between eight to ten call outs a year.

This is a totally voluntary unit which responds to requests from the statutory bodies and from local communities to assist in search and recovery operations.

We are all too aware that by the time we get a call, it is too late to help the person involved; however we want to give some peace of mind to the families and friends of the person lost.

40 Years of Service

Without the likes of club members volunteer, fundraising events and donations it would not be possible to keep the Unit going and to make sure that when a call comes in to help with the recovery of a lost person we are able to respond.

We would like to say
thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the year.