Course - Trainee Diver

Diver Training Program - One Star

Course Aim:
This training program aims at introducing the fundamentals of SCUBA diving to new entrants to the sport of recreational SCUBA diving.

All training is not rushed and is designed to build up the the trainees confidence and competence in the water.

At the end of the course trainee will have:

  • Theoretical & practical knowledge required to dive

  • Proficient to dive accompanied with a Diver** or above.

  • CMAS international accreditation

16 yrs or older, competent in the water and medical from doctor.
CMAS membership which provides insurance

Course Components

Training takes place in three stages.

  1. Each week lectures take place in our club house

  2. Head to the swimming pool to put the knowledge into practice

    • Develop fitness and snorkeling skills

    • Assembly & get familiar with dive equipment

    • Practical underwater skills

  3. Open water training

  • Generally takes place from March, with required number of snorkels

  • Shallow shore dive with an instructor, repeating skills from pool

  • Progression to boat dives

Safe Progression

As a club, our goal is ensure that you become competent divers. We want everyone to dive in fun and safe manner. As each stage of the course, our Diving Officer will check trainees progress, so that they can progress to the next stage.

Don't worry, all of our instructors have years of experience and are there to ensure that you will be well prepared at every stage, so that you are never out of your depth

  1. Swimming pool

    • Snorkel & fining techniques

    • Demonstrate underwater skill in dive equipment

  2. Open water:

    • Snorkel & fitness proficiency

    • Complete assessment in open water

    • Demonstrate skills learnt in pool

  3. Progressive dive with instructors

    • Several shore dives to build dive experience & confidence

    • Boat dive

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