We have 3 types of membership:
Scuba Divers, Snorkeler and Associate membership.

All membership are renewed at the end of the year's dive season.

Snorkeling Members

Min 12 years old to 80! Must be competent in the deep end of swimming pool.
Annual fitness test required.

Diving Membership

Becoming a diver with the Club is possible from ages 16yrs and upward. 

No Previous Experience

If you have no existing qualification, then you will be required to undertake our Trainee programme, with the goal of becoming a Diver 2**.  

The trainee program is generally run prior to the start of the Dive season, in the winter months.

As a trainee you will be under the guidance of an instructor

On completion of the trainee course, you will have a Diver 1* Star qualification.
At this point the aim will be to working toward the Diver 2* Star qualification. 

Existing Diver Qualifications

If you already have qualification as a diver, our DivingOfficer it here to guide you through the process of joining the club. Each application is assessed on a individual basis, 

The DivingOfficer is responsible for the assessment & verification process of qualifications. This is to ensure that all diving members of the club are diving at appropriate level, with divers of the an appropriate grades, ultimately ensuring the safety of all members of the Club.

This process may require assessment dives or sitting of refresher course as appropriate, at the discretion of the DivingOfficer

Diving Ireland Qualified

If you already have a diver qualification through Diving Ireland, then you can apply to be a Club member.

Crossover diver – (PADI, BSAC, DAN etc)

Each year we accept crossover divers from other diving associations. Our DivingOfficer will assess your qualification and experience level to see what would be the appropriate level to cross over into the Diving Ireland certification framework. 

Associate Membership:

Associate membership is for the non-diver/ snorkeler who would still like to be involved in club activities but not in the water. 

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