Notice: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, club activities are limited at this time.

Dive Season 2021 News

Currently we awaiting easing of restrictions before Club activities can resume. That is not to say we haven't been busy.

Diver 1* Course

We recently completed the theoretical portion of the Trainee Diver course for new members. This is the first time the course has been run entirely online. Our instructors are putting in place plans for the practical elements, adapting for Covid restrictions requirements.

Search & Recovery Unit

The Search and Recovery Unit members have remained actively dived up and continue training on a regular basis as per the Government guidelines. This requirement is to ensure that they are ready, should they be called upon.

Keeping Fit

Where possible we have been encouraging existing members to keep up their water fitness within their distance limits. The weather has been great lately so anyone that can, has been making good use of our coastline and water bodies.

Diving North Mayo

The club has a variety of dive spots which we dive each year.
We have some of the best locations to dive right on our doorstep

  • Kilcummin

  • Downpatrick Head

  • Creevagh

Follow Along With Our Adventures

Whether its an interest in diving, curious to see what its like under the sea, or discovering amazing coastal locations that Co.Mayo has to offer, following along with the club has something for everyone.

It's a great way to find out and follow along with the run various events that the club runs and are involved in throughout the year.